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Purple Team Rules


PURPLE TEAM GENERAL RULES All members are expected to read and adhere to all of the Guild Rules. Failure to do so can result in expulsion from the team as well as the guild. Lets keep the guild a fun and friendly environment for all. PURPLE TEA...
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Gold Team Rules

Raid rules

Attendance:As part of the team’s core raider, you will receive invitation to all raids hosted by our team. Accept, Decline, tentative (which = Decline) is mandatory. This should be done at least 8 hours prior to the scheduled raid time. This will...
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Gold Team Recruitment

What Gold Team is recruiting

Greetings from Gold TeamAs we go into H EN, we are slowly growing our team to 20 raiders. If you are interested in joining us, please put in an app or whisper Kinbashi/Troy/Yaeger. Thank you for your time.CURRENTLY,Resto ShammyFire MareBalance ...
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Gold Team Raid Logs

Gold Team Combat logs 10/18/16

Gold Team Combat logs 10/18/16
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Gold Team

Gold Team Progression!

Gold TEAM!Well done on making our first step into Heroic nice and easy!!In the coming weeks, we'll be making the DPS and HPS requirements a little more strict, and mechanics on normal encounters are going to be closely monitored moving forward. Ha...
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Gold Team

For Shibby

Here you go, Shibby. I found exactly what you need in your life.
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Gold Team Raid Logs

Combat logs 10/13/16

gold Team Combat logs 10/13/16
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Gold Team Raid Logs

Combat logs from 10/11/16

Combat logs 10/11/16
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Gold Team Raid Logs

Gold Team Combat logs 10/4/16

combat logs from 10/4/16 raid
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Gold Team Raid Logs

Combat Logs 9/29/16

Gold Team Combat logs from 9/29/16
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Gold Team Recruitment

Gold is recruiting a resto sham, fire mage, ww monk/arms war

Gold Team is looking for a resto shammy. Raid date and time: Tue/Thur 8:30-11 PM. 830 ilvl req. Please research all bosses in normal Emerald Nightmare.
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Gold Team

Combat log for 9/27/2016
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Gold Team Raid Logs

Combat logs 9/27/16

Combat logs from this evenings' run:Logs 9/27/16...
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Gold Team Raid Logs

Combat log 1st raid 9/23/2016

If you need help understanding the log, please whisper Kinbashi/Yaegear/Aronass, or Nara.
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