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All members are expected to read and adhere to all of the Guild Rules. Failure to do so can result in expulsion from the team as well as the guild. Lets keep the guild a fun and friendly environment for all.

Attendance is very important to the success of the raid team. Please be considerate to your fellow teammates by giving proper notice (at least 24 hours) prior to any absence. Excessive attendance issues including tardiness will result in a lower performance score which will limit your ability to obtain gear for the following week and can lead to your removal from the team.

In the past we have decided to use a modified Loot Council but have never gotten to fully implement the changes. This was due to getting a late start into raiding. In a short time we were able to push through and complete Heroic HFC and into Mythic but unfortunately ran out of time.

I think we will continue to pursue this looting methodology. Here is how it works.

There will always be a looting priority of Tanks >= Healers > DPS. The reasoning behind this is to ensure that we push as far as we can into the content. If the tanks are taking too much damage or the healers are struggling to keep everyone alive then the likelihood of the team hitting a wall will occur much sooner than desired. After all, the more bosses down the more potential for loot and the faster we see and learn the encounters.

Videos and Raid logs will be taken for every raid. Individual performance assessments will be performed after each raid week. The assessment will be performed by team leadership and one outside member from another team (3 people). A score of 1 to 5 will be given to each member from the team and the average of the score will be taken for the following next raid week. This score will be part of the determining factor regarding decisions about loot where there is a difficult decision about who gets the item.

For example:
Jim and Jane are both mages. A belt drops that they both want. Jane has a belt on that is 5 ilvls lower than Jim's. A /roll would normally be used but isn't necessarily fair. Because Jane has been present for every raid day this week and Jim hasn't. Their performance in raid is comparable and they both have good attitudes. Due to the attendance issue Jim's performance rating would be lower than Jane's so, she would receive the item.
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