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As part of the team’s core raider, you will receive invitation to all raids hosted by our team. Accept, Decline, tentative (which = Decline) is mandatory. This should be done at least 8 hours prior to the scheduled raid time. This will give the raid leaders enough time to find replacement as necessary. if you will be gone for more then a week, you might want to clue someone in on the reasons for your extended absences. This is not a hardcore raiding team, however, be on time. Show some respect.

We use loot council at all time unless we have non core raiders (pugs) in our raid, then it is Personal Loot. Show some respect.

At this time, the guild cannot provide these items for raiders. You have to bring your own. If people are giving out these items, they are doing so out of the goodness of their heart. Show some respect.

Curse Voice:
1. All raiders must be on Curse Voice (at least to listen) in order to be invite to the raid.
2. We have fun and we laugh. When the boss fight starts, we shut up and let the raid leaders take over. Show that respect.

Must have addons are: Dealy Boss Mod and RCLoot council
Be self-sufficient. If you die offen by standing in things, you might want to consider GTFO addon.
If you need to check your damage every fight, you might want to consider adding a damage meter.
Use the addons that you need to make the game fun for you. Always show that respect.
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