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Aronass / Sep 08, 2016 / Guild Information

What started as a backup service has become our main service. The interface has been proven to be far more clean and user friendly than that of Vent so we have decided to migrate completely to Curse. Vent is paid up until December so in the even...

Aronass / Jun 21, 2016

Heya guys and gals. I've been working on the website trying to spiffy things up for legion and am wanting to replace our current banner (currently the motorcycle running over a gnome). I'm looking for clever and/or cool concepts for a potential...

Aronass / Apr 27, 2016 / WOD Content

Here are videos of our first kills. I've been working on intros and sound so these are just rough edits but I wanted to throw them up here just so you all can see where we need to make improvements.Mythic Assault