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Hit n Run Information
  • Guild Information & Rules
About Hit n Run

Hit n Run is an adult guild (21+), ran by and for the adult players of WoW. We are a guild comprised of Casuals, PVPers, and Raiders(casuals and hardcore alike, be it more casual than hardcore).

Guild Rules

The following are the basic rules to be a member of this guild. The community that we have and are trying to maintain is one that is worth fighting for. With that being said, we do take this very seriously.
  • We DO NOT condone abusive or offensive behavior. As a member of the guild, you will directly represent our guild regardless of whether you want to or not. Therefore, we expect all of our members to be well-behaved not only in guild and guild functions but also in all other aspects of the game where communication with others is possible. Yes, this includes Trade Chat as well. If you feel that you are being targeted by such behavior, please take screenshots and approach any of the guild leadership.
  • Be respectful of others, their beliefs, and their opinions. If you wouldn't say something in real life to a stranger then it more than likely wouldn't be acceptable in guild either.
  • We DO NOT tolerate drama. It is our goal to have a very friendly, fun, and completely drama free community.
  • We DO NOT allow begging. Being a member of the guild does not give you the right to demand money, items, time, or runs off from the other members in the guild. This includes begging via whispers as well.
  • Be sociable... It is up to you how much you interact with the other guild members. You can be the lone player, someone who pops in for a chat, or a highly active member. You are responsible for your experience within the guild. Join us in vent, talk to us in guild; make a point to say hi. There is always someone doing something and you can't be included unless you make an effort to integrate into the group.
  • We are an alt friendly guild. Ask any officer for an invite. All we ask is that you add your main's name in the guild note. Every month we will make an effort to clear up any un-noted idle characters from the guild roster.

Ranks and Promotions

Your rank is based on your interactions with others in guild, your assignment to a team, as well as any other responsibilities you choose to take on while here. Anyone has the possibility to move up in rank within the guild. Your position in guild is a direct reflection of what you bring to the table.

Characters without a guild note will not be eligible for promotion. This will require that you come into vent for us to speak to you directly. Just to ensure that you are who you say you are and not someone who is trying to troll or cause drama.

If you are a new recruit to a raid team you will be on a two week trial period. After which your team leader will assign you the core team rank if your performance is satisfactory.

Take the time to get to know us. We are usually in curse chatting, doing things, and having fun.


In regards to raiding, we are not elitists. This means that when we raid, we have fun being there and the boss kills are a bonus. We do expect people to try their very best. This means being adequate in their abilities and having proper items required to raid (food, flasks, and potions). Do not expect to one shot every encounter and breeze through progression bosses with minimal effort. We do and will die, sometimes a lot. We laugh about it, tease each other about our mistakes, and discuss tactics/alternative approaches to encounters.

A good attitude is required to take part in our raid teams. This means that you are to show respect to your fellow teammates as well as the leadership of the team. You should also be open to constructive criticism, we are not here to assault, demean, or abuse anyone. Anything that is mentioned is done so out of the best interest of the group. If you have a question or concern about another teammate or a strategy, whisper the team leaders and let them address it. Spewing negativity and obscenities is a sure fire way to be removed from the team and even guild. Trust in the team leadership to do what is right for the team. On the same note if there is concern with regards to team leadership, make it known to the guild leadership and we will make it our priority to investigate any wrong-doing.

Guild Bank

Shibby is our black market lady. All items in the guild bank are available for purchase for half the market value. Just whisper them for pricing information. All proceeds from purchases made go toward guild repairs and raid consumables.


Everyone has the ability to create guild events. If you create a calendar event, show up for it or at the very least give notice and take it off the calendar. Please be sure to allow for adequate time for whatever event you are hosting. Also make sure the events do not interfere with other events listed for that day.